About Elspect Electrical

Elspect Electrical (2007) Ltd. is a privately owned company which is an Accredited Agency for the Electrical Discipline under the Safety Codes Act. Elspect Electrical was established in 1995 and is a progressive company that was formed initially to perform electrical inspections in the province of Alberta. Elspect Electrical does not have any affiliations with construction companies or engineering firms working in the lumber or oil and gas industry.


Elspect is proudly certified by SECOR and is ISO 9001 certified. By establishing and continually improving the Quality Management System and Safety Management System, Elspect works as a team to provide timely deliverables to customers. Documented policies and procedures focus on providing consistent, high quality service for clients. Quarterly conferences, annual safety meetings and information sharing ensure inspectors stay up to date on information related to the Safety Codes Act and Canadian Electrical Code. Elspect is proud of the excellent rating maintained on ComplyWorks and ISNetworld that assist in exceeding customer safety requirements.

Inspection Services

Elspect Electricals' operations centers around regulatory electrical inspections. Electrical Safety Codes Officers offer a vast knowledge base in all electrical applications involving the oil & gas industry and many industries outside oil and gas. By using centralized scheduling for inspections, Elspect works with clients to lower costs and optimize time. For scheduled compliance monitoring, efficiencies are obtained by managing site visits based on geographical location.

By working with key stakeholders, Elspect has created a custom database for document storage and retrieval. Records which contain site historical data are confidentially stored and maintained for future compliance monitoring. Elspect's continuous data protection offers clients a high level of assurance to shield against potential data loss. Access may be customized as per client requirements. On-site database training is offered to clients.

Hazloc and SP-1000 Inspections

Elspect offers certifications for hazloc and SP-1000. In Canada, Elspect is accredited by QAI Laboratories and recognized by all Regulatory Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the country. The scope of the accreditation covers all electrical products, including hazloc equipment. As such our certification mark and approval label have equal regulatory recognition to those of the CSA.

Quality Management Plan

Elspect was one of the first organizations to develop a Corporate Quality Management Plan (QMP). In 2015-2016 Elspect was part of a steering committee that worked closely with the Safety Codes Council (SCC) to establish a uniform QMP for Corporations, Agencies and Municipalities in Alberta. This detailed understanding allows Elspect to lead the development of client QMPs with confidence. By working directly with client Quality Managers Elspect will provide guidelines for the development of the corporate QMP and ensure Safety Codes Council requirements are satisfied. During SCC audits, Elspect is available to provide direction and clarification as the need may arise.

Additional Services

Elspect's services are customizable based on client requirements. Other services offered by Elspect Electrical (2007) Ltd. include:

  • Project Management Services
  • Project Inspection Services
  • Facility Commissioning
  • Facility Start-up
  • Quality Control Service
  • Quality Assurance Service (Foreign and Domestic)